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Baron & Baron / SKP

Kids Day

We were thrilled to have been approached by Baron and Baron to create graphics and illustrations for SKP's 'Kids Day' campaign in China.

Our team designed a set of playful and fun characters that were showcased in various installations, including 20-meter high hoardings, full character costumes, giant plastic replicas, and even cakes.

Witnessing our designs being brought to life was an incredible experience, and we were proud to have played a part in the success of the campaign.

Lolly SKP 01
Lolly SKP 09
Lolly Studio SKP Kids Day China image02
Lolly Studio SKP Kids Day China image03
Lolly Studio SKP Kids Day China image01

Margot Populaire
Creative Director
Baron & Baron

We were looking for a playful execution that would also be appropriate for a high-end luxury destination. We felt Lolly were the right fit because their work is fun, positive and sophisticated at the same time.

Lolly were a pleasure to work with, they care very much about their work, and the whole process was very smooth. Overall a great experience and we were all thrilled with the results.

Lolly Studio SKP Kids Day China Crop01