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Barclays / BBH

Money Demons

Barclays and BBH/Blacksheep approached us with an exciting challenge - to bring to life the Money Demons that lurk within us all. They represent the different types of overspending behaviours that we all struggle with. By identifying these Money Demons, Barclays helps its customers become more aware of their spending habits and to make better informed financial decisions, keeping these pesky Demons at bay.

Lolly Money Demons Lunchg

The Lunch Demon

This Demon may fill your belly, but it’ll empty your bank account. Appearing between 12-3. It’s very keen on overpriced street food, and very hostile towards packed lunches.

Lunch final Sketch2
Lunch final Sketch col
Lunch Vector2
Lunch Front wireframe
Lunch Front Clay
Lunch Front Texture

The Pay Day Demon

Emerging from hibernation at the end of every month, this highly excitable demon is infamous for wasting your wages.

Lolly Money Demons Pay Day Hero copy
Pay Day D 2 1
Pay Day final Sketch
Pay Day final Sketch col
Pay Day final Sketch layers
Payday Front wireframe
Pay Day Front Clay
Front wireframe

The Deal Demon

A curious little creature that loves an offer. Commonly spotted in the reduced section spending on an array of unnecessary items.

Lolly Money Demons Deal Hero1
Deal Sketch
Deal Sketch col
Deal vector
Deal wire
Deal clay
Deal texture

Remco Graham
Creative Consultant
Ex CD BBH, ECD Now, CD Dentsu

I’ve followed Lolly’s work for years, just waiting for the right project to use them on. I knew they were the perfect match to bring to life people’s money demons. Nobody does brilliantly odd likable characters like Lolly. We loved the results and so did Barclays.

Discarded Demons2


  • Creative Direction - Leigh Pearce
  • Director - Olly Hayes
  • Producer - Suzie Harrison
  • Character Design - Leigh Pearce
  • Technical Direction - Nicholas Reyniers
  • 3D Modelling - Rodolfo Xaviar
  • Texturing - Rodolfo Xaviar & Nicholas Reyniers
  • Animatics - Tommy Bell Jones
  • Rigging - Maarten Heinstra & Rob Pita
  • 3D Animation - Maarten Heinstra & Rob Pita
  • Compositing - Nicholas Reyniers
  • VO/SFX - Blacksheep
  • Agency - BBH Blacksheep
  • Client - Barclays


  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Creative Direction
  • Character Design
  • 3D Modelling